About Us

Hey Gorgeous, Welcome to EndyNelBoutique  .

EndyNelBoutique is a trendy women's online clothing boutique , Created to offer unique, sexy, beautiful, elegant and comfortable clothings , bags ,shoes and accessories .

My name is Endurance Pruner I am the CEO of EndyNelboutique,  From Czech Republic by marriage , originally from Nigeria. Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine ,I grew up with fashion oriented friends and families. I went to school with a major in International Business and Banking & Finance.I am so much in  love with the fashion world,So in 2019 I finally decided to start up an online fashion boutique to add  and bring fashionable ,unique , elegant and beautiful clothings to my queens and princesses .All product are hand selected by me.

We offer products from Shoes, Clothings ,Bags,Hats ETC and will be shipped out to my gorgeous queens and princesses by my teams and I with lots of love and appreciation . We're dedicated to giving you the very best products with a focus on a very good customer services ,uniqueness and make our customers happy and very pleased with their purchases and experiences .We hope you enjoy and feel sexy, confident in our product

EndyNelBoutique is a perfect place for a perfect looks .  

If you have any questions or comment ,please don't hesitate to contact us at Endy@endynelboutique.com  OR endynelboutique@yahoo.com .